Workforce Development Tools shows some of the new workforce development tools products the non-profit Vocational Research Institute has created for solutions in special needs assessment and career development.

VRI also provides solutions for Juvenile and Adult Corrections in addition to Career Assessment, Vocational Research Interest Inventory, and Workforce Development.

CareerScope® is our flag-ship workforce development tools product and is a valid and reliable aptitude and interest assessment with accommodation options for individuals with special needs.

Vocational Research Institute has been providing quality solutions for Career Assessment, Vocational Research Interest Inventory, and Workforce Development for nearly half a century.

Call us today and let us show you what's new and why so many programs across the country are already using CareerScope or our Vocational Research Interest Inventory.

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Featured Products

CareerScope® v10

CareerScope® v10 is our comprehensive career assessment that measures both aptitude and interest to inform the career and educational planning process.

CareerScope® Online

CareerScope® Online is the online version of our comprehensive CareerScope assessment product. Our new subscription-based model. No need to install any software.

Vocational Research Interest Inventory

Vocational Research Interest Inventory is a paper and pencil vocational interest inventory that is available in both English (VRII) and Spanish (IIIV).

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